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That upset me! Emotions are feelings of thought!

If you are having a private conversation in business life sometimes, then you are holding back with emotions as much as you can. It saves you a lot of time and thematic detour. You know this for sure when discussing a matter and suddenly many other topics appear in a conversation. And in the end, no one knows what the actual topic of the conversation was. But why is that? That happens when emotions come into the discussion. When your opposite praises, attacks, condemns, loves, blames or feels touched by other emotions. Or you yourself. In a personal conversation you may be able to react quickly. But in e-mails or other written messaging it is much more complicated. Let's look at which emotions we can create with our words. One of the most well-known projects on this topic is the project Magellan. It is an international research project for measuring linguistically induced emotions. The point is to measure the feeling associations for the most common terms of differ…