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Your thoughts are the center of your success - The stress is scared of me. I'm in the same room!

Maybe you know the following situation. You are facing a mountain of challenges (let's call it problems in a nice way). You are constantly stressed. The challenges are not getting smaller and less. Due to the constant stress which our brain generates, we become nervous and irritable. And in the end, we are no longer able to find a solution to the situation. Some of us react in such a state with either abandonment or extreme irritability. Stress hormones flood the areas in our brain with stress hormones such as cortisol, and this impairs our ability to solve complex problems.

No matter what feelings we develop afterward. Irritability or seclusion. We are in danger of losing the belief that we can change the situation. We become hopeless and eventually we give up!
But how do we first of all not get into this situation and if we are in it, to get out again? First, as with everything, is the will to change. The belief and self-confidence that we are the strongest force in a difficult si…