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What does the lion care what the antelopes think? How to become a high flyer with the right self-guidance.

Maybe you know that too. There are some days when we are already exhausted and tired at the beginning of the day. We are very happy to work and look forward to the colleagues in work. We do our best work and private, but instead of approaching it with a zest for life we are tired and exhausted.

There may be some reasons why we feel that way today. Yes, also stressful situations in the job as well as in the private life sometimes throw us to the ground. But it is rather secondary which environmental influences push us down. It is rather important how we deal with it. Because think of a lion. He never hesitates about his power. Many of us often tend to criticize ourselves when in distressing situations. At the moment we have stress we begin to berate and accuse us. Even before we bring our anger to the outside. Without consciously perceiving it, we attack ourselves. But our "built-in" mechanism immediately goes into the defense mode in such a situation. But now it begins a cy…

Affect control - because who slows down has already won.

Have you ever had the idea that you said or did some things that you did not want? And vice versa, that they had refrained, even though it would have been better to say something or to act? Well, much of it happens in our affect. So, if we could control our affect actions, we are already a big step ahead in being more successful with the right actions at the right time.

Affect comes from the subconscious mind Most of our actions and thinking are controlled by our subconscious mind. This part of our personality is responsible for our thoughts, our words and how we act. It helps and support us on everyday decisions like brushing our teeth, driving, and so on. But much more. The subconscious also has an impact on others, our areas of life such as our behaviors and responses, our beliefs, our performance, and the personal accomplishments associated with it.
What is an affect? In the area of psychology, an affect is a special quality of feeling. Affects are always spontaneously occurring emoti…

Using emotions correctly puts you in the fast lane

That may confuse you now. But if you have a conversation in your business life as well as sometimes in private, you should react with emotions as far as you can, or use them in a good manner. It saves you a lot of time and thematic detours if you use emotions correctly. You know this for sure when discussing a matter, and suddenly many other topics appear in a conversation. And in the end, you do not even know what you're talking to your conversation partner. But why is that? That happens when emotions come into the discussion. When your interlocutor praises, attacks, condemns, loves, blames or feels touched by other emotions. Or you. In a conversation, you may be able to react quickly. But in e-mails or other written messages, it is already much more complicated.

Let's look at what emotions we can bring about with our words. One of the most well-known projects on this topic is the project, Magellan. It is an international research project to measure linguistically triggered e…

Sales with empathy. The magic tool for your success.

In times like this, where everything is comparable. A few companies have still an outstanding product. So, the rest has to usually score only with service and an excellent network of relationships. This excellent relationship between you and your customers is developed through the empathetic selling approach.

The sales are running behindEmpathy is the ability to put yourself in mind and emotions of others. Only in this way is it possible to better predict the behavior of individual people or entire teams (yes, even organizations) and to be prepared for it, to be successful in what you do every day. Core competency empathyEspecially in sales and distribution, it is very important to put yourself in the thoughts and feelings of your client, the potential customer. Be always one step ahead of the customer regarding their needs so that you have a suitable offer tailored to their needs in advance. To do this, the sales must be able to foresee the motives and wishes of its customers. This is …

Empathy and pride in the company, two emotions walking hand in hand.

We spend around 30% of our time at work per day. We use 20% of our time for leisure and spend half of our day sleeping and eating/body care. This also means that we are in communication with others for half the day. And mainly in our job. And often situations can arise in which we begin to lose the desire to work. But there is also a chance here to actively shorten such lows by more consciously approaching the work. Communication is the helping hand out of the darkEven at some lows, we are not alone in this world and our job. It is all about communication. And the empathy to our team/work colleagues. Understanding each other is an effective way to make the workplace a place we love to stay. But also the empathy for our actions is important. Are you aware of who is missing your performance when you fail? Are others aware of what you are missing if you have to give up their performance? With this awareness, the gap remains an essential component of satisfaction on the track. Feel the pro…

Super Monday - Booster empathy. Four steps to organize the start of the week more enjoyable.

Some of us may know the feeling. At the weekend we are in a good mood and balanced, and on Monday morning, some people going to our offices or other workplaces in a very unbalanced and bad mood. Well, there are many reasons for that. More sleep than usual at the weekend, more regular food, or we just did what we enjoyed at the weekend. And above all, we spent our free time with those people we have chosen and with whom we like to surround ourselves. We are sure that these people are thinking like us. These similar thoughts and goals (when it comes to recreational activities) connect us to those people, and automatically we feel better.
At work, it is different than in our spare time. Is that so? But in professional life it is different. Here we meet people we might not have met in life. We work with people who may have a completely different way of life. They may have other goals and concept of living. Even the origin of different societies or cultures can be different. Sometimes that c…

The "you-person". How to improve your standing to the outside world.

If you find any of the following phrases familiar, then it can be exciting for you now. If we describe experiences from the first-person perspective, we tend to fall into the indefinite person "you". "I wanted to go home from the party earlier because I drank a bit too much, but you're only young once." "Two months ago, I wanted to do more sports, but you know that: Then you sign the contract, go twice and then has many other things to do." "I did not want to eat so much, but that looked so delicious because you can never hold back." "I like dark streets; you just have to go through too much fear." "I often have test anxiety because I have a lot to learn. Man is just excited. " "My supervisor is not always very nice to me, because you can often get upset about it." "Learning a new language is difficult since you sometimes have problems to keep the vocabulary.
Do you know some or similar phrases? But who is this &q…