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Do you want to survive after Corona?

Here are the four most significant points to consider.

It is undisputed that the world has changed since Corona, in private life and business life. Now it is essential to sharpen our empathic sensors and to know and feel our fellow human beings precisely. Do we want to survive in business as well as in private life?
I admit that I am expressing myself dramatically. But only those who listen to fellow human beings will survive financially and personally.
Empathy teaches us how to sense what others think and feel. You can do this with individuals, groups, or even entire markets. But first, let's take a look at the general social environment. What is motivating people today?

An empathetic look at our surroundings

Bielefeld University in Germany has just published a study where they surveyed people about current impressions and feelings. We will be able to draw some conclusions from this. Let's take a look.

What is our source of information?
The majority of respondents in the study (62%)…